To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we recreated 4 iconic food inspired romantic film moments in history! The heart-warming recreations included Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s famous diner scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, and heart-throb Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam’s ice cream moment in tearjerker ‘The Notebook’.

And of course, no romantic story would be the same without Lady & The Tramp. We recruited two of the cutest pups in town, to re-create the iconic ‘spaghetti & meatballs’ moment – with the help of professional trainers and a few treats. Minnie Driver and Matt Damon’s famous foodie moment in Good Will Hunting completes the romantic compilation.

As you can see in our behind the scenes video, lots of work and people went into creating these iconic shots for us. We’d like to give a special thank you to everyone involved on the day, from actors to stylists, and photographers to pups!

Happy Valentine’s Day