Last Friday, for the first time ever, we added unlimited nuggets to the menu and offered them to you for just £5.99!

Thousands of nugs were eaten across the nation, so we decided to offer it again this Friday 12th October.

Frankie the Pug also came to visit us to get in on the action, because we all know how much pugs love nugs 😉 How excited does she look?!

Unlimited Nuggets - Frankie the Pug

If you are like Frankie the Pug and can’t wait for Friday, make sure you prepare by booking your table in advance and downloading your Unlimited Nuggets voucher.

How many nugs can you eat? Let us know by sharing any photos you take in Frankie & Benny’s on social media and tag Frankie & Benny’s.

See you Friday! #NugResponsibly